Saturday, August 20, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 104: SONG # 134

DAY 134: Cover Versions I Like

I've mixed up the categories: on Day 102/song #132 I have substituted "A Song Nobody Would Expect You to Love" with "A Song I Am not Surprised to Love"; song 132 relates to song 12 among the original categories and this is "a song from a band you hate"; the expecation-thing is song #14, so it would be 134.
Be that as it may, I have decided before to change all "hate"-categories and initially have substituted "band you hate" with "cover-version you like". Indeed it would be interesting to read or write (at least) an essay on the phenomenon of cover-versions in popular culture. Here, I will simply post three performances, two done live, one in the studio, by Living Colour, the answwer to the question. "can the black man play hard rock?". No band I do not like involved. Originally, I was searching for Living Colour's cover of the Talking Heads song "Memories Can't Wait" (from "Fear of Music"). On this search I came upon their version of the White Stripe's best known song, "Seven Nation Army", done live in Montreux.

In my humble opinion, Doug Wimbish, member of Tackhead together with Skip McDonald and Keith LeBlanc - the three were also responsible for the music on many recordings of hip-hop pioneers Sugarhill Gang - is one of the best players of the electric bass on the planet, and Vernon Reid is a hell of a guitarist. This can be heard clearly in the live Version of "Memories Can't Wait", done in Montreux 2004, too, although the mix is not satisfying on that one:

The studio version from their first album "Vivid" (when Doug Wimbish was not yet a member of the band, with original bassist Muzz Skillings) is a classic track for me and may be the most convinving performance on that first LC album:

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