Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 106: SONG # 136

DAY 106: Songs by the Best Band from Austria

This is the totally free category (#16), that in the original 30 days song challenge had been dedicated to a song I once loved but now hate. But instead of writing about and posting some Austro-Pop songs from my youth that I do not like any more, I have decided to post three extremely fine songs by a band I still think to be underrated. As one commentator on UTUBE wrote:
"This is a killer band. Shame on austrian music listeners, radio stations, bookers, musiczines they didnt break through yet."
Thinking of music from Austria, what comes to your mind? Mozart, the Opera, the New Year's Concert, Joe Zawinul, Vienna Art Orchestra, Falco? There is a load of highest quality musicianship in our lovely country, but we do not have to offer too much in the genres of rock music or alternative music or pop music or however you will call that, but we have: TYLER. When I read that they have been an opening act for Christina Stuermer, I get a bit confused, because surely it should be the other way round. They deserve to be as big as Radiohead, in my humble opinion. Listen to their records (and: buy them!!), go to their gigs (they are a great live act, because in contradistinction to many bands that have big names, they all know how to play their instruments). These young men are real musicians: Lukas Hillebrand, Alex Pohn, Peter Schönbauer. Here is their homepage and here are three songs done by them:

First song, from their 2005 album "Don't Play" is called "beautiful", and it is:

From their second album "Favourite Sin" the opening track with the same title (in a live version from Vienna's u4 club) and "Future":

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