Thursday, November 10, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 121: SONG # 151

DAY 121: Yer Another One of My Favourite Songs

Vengo de donde hay un río, tabaco y cañaveral, donde el sudor del guajiro hasta a la tierra soñar. Compay Segundo de Cuba. The Orishas, as far as I know the only rappers from Cuba who came to be known in the world outside of Fidel Castros rule, are named after the Yorùbá divinities that are also revered in Cuban Santerìa, the Orisha. My favourite song of this Cuban band is 537 Cuba, for the fine way in which they use the sample from Compay Segundo's song. As I am teaching the introductory course to West African Religions riht now once more, the song seems to be a good choice to start the next round of 30 songs. Enjoy it

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