Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 134: SONG #164

DAY 134: Songs Normally Regarded as Alternative

"A song no-one expects you to love" is the original category of day 14 within the 30-days song-challenge. Herewith I declare, that the songs I post here are songs I love as everybody would expect me to do (at least of the persons that know me). Nevertheless, as the title of the post says, they are regarded as being outside of the mainstream. Fewer persons than those who know, f.e., Shakira, do know Fred Frith, who is capable of playing a load of different instruments, is regarded as belonging to the Avant-Garde or simply to be a (genius of a) musician in the alternative genre (whatever the alternative offered by him might be). He was a member of Henry Cow and later on was known as part of such acts as The Skeleton Crew. There is also a book by Stephen King called Skeleton Crew. And there is a movie called "Step Across the Border" that is about Fred and features his music. Accordingly, you can "own" the following "Sparrow Song" by buying a record called "Step Across the Border", containing the soundtrack to the movie mentioned above:

And there is a song by Fred Frith called "Too Much Too Little", featured in the same movie:

Fred Frith has also been a member of a band called "The Art Bears", along with Chris Cutler and Dagmar Krause. The latter has already been mentioned on that blog with respect to her collaboration with Kevin Coyne (I attended their show in 1978 or 79 at the Oval House in London). Cutler and Krause were also part of News from Babel; from their first record, here it is, ANNO MIRABILIS:

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