Friday, December 9, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 140: SONG #170

Day 140: The Ultimate Esoteric Song

Whatever Esotericism may be about, time is eternal and the Ancients of MuMu are the prophets of this very message. Bill Drummond, having been a central person in the British Music Industry for a long time, later became one of the main persons behind KLF - The Copyright Liberation Front - the propagators of which later showed their disrespect for that very business by burning a million pound sterling - you can read it all on the respective Wikipedia entries, so I do not have to bring it into any particular order here. KLF, the one and only act ever to bring together danceable music, nightclubs, science fiction, illuminati, rituals and aesthetics of religion and whatever else would be of any interest to the educated person, have recorded a song about time being eternal (why at exactly 3:am, my dear illuminati, think about that). The song is more than just great and so is the video; maybe this should be played at my funeral: "Justified Ancient Liberation Zulu Got to teach and everything you learn will point to the fact that time is eternal 3:AM". But it is exactly at that moment, that KLF will have left the building, my dear.

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