Monday, December 26, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 148: SONG #178

Day 148: Statistics and a Song about Pain

I have spent some time doing statistics of this blog and have also tried to find new links for all those links that have been "killed" in the meantime. I did succeed with the exception of two songs, Serge Gainsbourg's "Dieu et Juif" and Bob Dylan's "Wigwam". As there are always problems with Rob Zimmermann's songs on UTube, I will never ever feature a song by Dylan again. That does not mean there weren't any worthy to be featured here. For the complete

from Dec 23.2010 to Dec 24.2011 click on the link above. It says, that the 1000 Songs Challenge in its first year has had 177 postings, which featured 405 tracks and 315 songs (90 tracks being alternative versions of some of the songs). I did not look at the number of songs contributed by the respective artists. Maybe I'll do that later on.
Now for today's song, which is Song # 316 in Posting # 178. It is a song about Pain by Josh Rouse (the first song by Mr. Rouse I came to know), from his 2002 album "Under Cold Blue Stars". There is not much to say about the song but that it is really beautiful and one of the songs I have on constant replay once I have listened to them - at nearly every instance of doing so.

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