Thursday, December 8, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 139: SONG #169

Day 139: A Song from One of Your Favourite Albums

Nancy & Lee is one of the many favourite items in my collection of records. It contains that very fine song about Phaedra and how she gave me life, called Some Velvet Morning. There is not much to say about Lee Hazlewood, as every sensible person that loves music will agree on his merits in the field in question. There may be some discussions about the worth of his collaboration with Nancy Sinatra. In my opinion, people that put the quality of that work into question are just blockheads. Be that as it may, the record is a classic and this one song the more, using musical expression to relate to gender roles, leaving it open, whether this is a simple description or a comment:

There are some fine covers that show the quality of the song. One that sticks very closely to the way it has been done on the original recording is the rendering by Glenn Richards and Amanda Brown, the lady who has once been the violinist of my favourite Aussie band, the great Go Betweens:

Another version featuring an (already dead) Aussie who has played in at least two of my favourite down-under-acts (Birthday Party and Crime and the City Solution) is the one done by Lydia Lunch and Rowland S. Howard (both of them have already been featured on this here blog, check that out!). This can be looked at as a parody in the greek sense (parodia / παρῳδία ) of the word: an imitation that is set against the original without necessarily ridiculing it. Listen carefully to how they interpret the male and female roles in the song:

Another, straightforward, version was put forth by Thin White Rope. It has already been featured in the "1000 Songs Challenge" as a bonus track. Here it is to be heard once more, "off the records", but contextualised w/ respect to the gendering of the chose by simply replacing the male singer by his female guitar in the respective parts of the song:

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