Thursday, January 6, 2011


Day/Song 32: A song that takes you into the heart of darkness

I have done the short programme, according to the rules that somebody has set - the so called 30 days song challenge is over. Now I have 970 (or: 1065 ) days left for free skating; first thing I will do (among the Rittbergers, Salchows, double and triple Lutz and the like) is to make some fundamental changes in categories: no more songs/bands/music I do not like, that are not my favourites or that I simply hate.
First step: Doing away with "my least favourite song" I proudly introduce "a song that takes you into the heart of darkness". This, as a first choice, is "In Heaven" aka "The Lady in the Radiator" from "Eraserhead", a movie by David Lynch (I think it is one among his best), the version done by Tuxedo Moon (far more better than all the other versions, even those brought forth by the Pixies, although I do like 'em):

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