Sunday, January 9, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 15 SONG # 34

Day 34 - A song that makes you sad

It is not really sadness, but some kind of melancholy connected to sensitiveness for the human condition (la condition humaine) that I associate with KEVIN COYNE, a wonderful British artist. Here is a melancholic comment on the above mentioned conditio humana, from his album "Millionaires and Teddy Bears", THE WORLD IS FULL OF FOOLS:

Matching Head and Feet from 1975 was the first album of Coyne that I have bought, it features Andy Summers (who later became the guitarist of Police) as a sideman of Coyne, and one of the fine tracks on that record is "Lonely Lovers":

In a way, the theme of that song anticipates the theme of his 1979 collaboration with Dagmar Krause Babble - Songs for Lonely Lovers, but that one (and the art of Krause) will be the topic of another (forthcoming) post among the 1000 songs series.

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