Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1000SONGS DAY 18 - SONG # 37

Day 37 - A song that reminds you of somewhere

Among the songs that millions of people like, there are some, that are. nevertheless, good songs. One among them certainly is "SING" by TRAVIS. It reminds me of a place in Upper Austria, a monastery, Aigen-Schlaegl. I could have had a fine week off. After having finished my "habilitation"-thesis, having organised an international conference, having finally achieved somewhat like a tenure-track-position at Vienna University, still not being paid too well, I could have needed some time off. But, in order to gain a fistful of dollars, I had agreed to teach the philosophy course at a kind of summer school for people with interest in catholic theology (a course organised by sympathetic people from the archdiocese of Vienna, not by the bad ones). Having had a hard time, personally, a dissatisfying time, financially, and a sceptic time, philosophically, I found myself among some (clandestine) wives of priests, hypocrites, men and women with subaltern jobs in the catholic church, some of them just interested in theology, others of them in need of some formal education in the field, (almost) all of them with no real interest in QUESTIONS. Unfortunately, my course (as a newcomer) was scheduled for the whole week, so the (few) sympathetic colleagues among the teachers stayed for one day, whilst I had to do due. I will not go into detail, but there were 2 things that kept me alive and helped me survive: jogging in that beautiful landscape (hours I went) and, at night, in my cell (the rooms are modernised monk's cells) listening to Travis on my discman. Hopefully, I have planted the seed of questions before answers in some of the attendants' brains. Here is "Sing", don't know what the video is about, but the song is GREAT

And, as a bonus track, Travis doing a really big hit:

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