Saturday, January 15, 2011

1000 SONGS DAY 20 - SONG #40

SONG # 40 - A Song that makes you fall asleep

This will be re-defined as chill-out songs. I remember a time before CD's, MP3, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, MOBILE PHONES (simply: nothing in the air) and the like. We simply used to put on an album on a record-player, turn off the light, go to bed and fall asleep whilst the music was playing. One record that would work extremely well with that and give you wonderful dreams surely was side 2 (there were 2 physical sides of records containing different music, back then) of BRIAN ENO's "Before and After Science", featuring some of my favourite songs by Eno (but I have to confess, there are nearly as much songs among "my favourite songs by Eno" than among "songs by Eno"). So here are the five pieces of music that make up SIDE 2 of "BEFORE AND AFTER SCIENCE":

Here He Comes:

Julie With…

By This River

Through Hollow Lands

Spider And I:

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