Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 17 SONG # 36

Day 36 - A Song that reminds you of a certain event

If I recall it rightly, the first essay written by me that was published in something like a "REAL" (not a student's) magazine was about this song by Julian Cope, - a small event for humankind, but a big event for me. It was featured in "Entschluss", a journal published by the Austrian Jesuits (I understand, the way church membership is declining and the way the catholic hierarchy is trying to handle that problem, there are few people left, that will call that a "real" magazine). It is by JULIAN COPE, it is called SAINT JULIAN, it is about a guy that meets GOD only to tell HIM that he has lost HIM (nowadays people meet GOD to give HIM their capsules for making coffee). What I still like about the song, is the oboe, one of my favourite instruments (if I ever learn to play a REAL instrument it will be the oboe)

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