Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 49 - SONG # 77

DAY 49: Songs from the Radio

I first came to know Tuxedo Moon via Austrian public radio (Musicbox!), and I still find them one of the very very fine (although somewhat doomingly existentialist) bands in the world. Stemming from San Franciso, they are a kind of counteropart to the "wear a flower in your hair"-attitude, have ever been more attractive in a European than in an American context, and so on. One can read something about that marvellous band on Wikipedia here, but it is a shame, that, for instance, the entry on Blaine L. Reininger, one of the founding members and a great artist to me, has been deleted due to Blaine being "a musician [...] that didn't assert the importance or significance of the subject"; be that as it may, here are 3 songs by Tuxedo Moon, first one, their trademark "Family Man" from the 12" Scream with a view, 1979, in a live version from 1983:

Second one, The Waltz, opening track from 1985 album Holy wars

And a piece called Music #2 from 1991 Ghost Sonata:

All the original recordings featuring Blaine; I am not sure about the 1983 live version, so here is the 1979 studio version:

and what seems to be a cover version (I was the first one to select that clip, uploaded on 20.05.2011...):


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