Friday, May 27, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 50 - SONG/S # 78

Day 50: 5 Songs I would like to hear on the radio

This post is a kind of tribute to Karl Blake, an English musician. He plays a lot of different instruments and he has done pretty many recordings in pretty diverse musical styles. The common category of all of those seems to be "avantgarde", "experimental" or something like that. He is a founding member of Lemon Kittens and Shock Headed Peters, and has worked together with many musicians and performers, among them Danielle Dax and Lydia Lunch. I came to know his artwork first when I bought the 12" EP "Life Extinguisher" back in the 80ies - I do not have any clue of why I have bought it. Here is the song "Scorch" ('My friend's adrift - she's a dorsal morsel') from that record. The picture featured in the video is the cover painting by Danielle Dax:

From the same EP, the song Life Extinguisher:

The Lemon Kittens: What the Cat brought in:

Suicide Ocean w/t Lydia Lunch:

Finally, I add a cover of a famous and influential song, the version of Heartbreak Hotel done by the Shock Headed Peters. I find it at as remarkable as the better known, equally "ironic" rendering of the classic tune by John Cale featured on June 1, 1974:

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