Saturday, May 21, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 44: SONG # 72

Song # 72: A song I do not easily admit to like

It is a sort of coming out - I do like "Stumblin In", co-written by Mike Chapman, one of the most successful producers in the music business during the 70ies and 80ies. The song has originally been recorded by Suzie Quatro and Chris Norman of Smokie fame (and I did/do like Smokie, too, I have to confess). Whenever I listen to the song, it is 3 am in a discotheque in the tiny little village where I come from. It is the perfect "Landdisco" (countryside disco) song, and if it hadn't been written already, one would have to invent it. In a way, it conjures up the same void in me as the average Landdisco-song, but it does not leave me dry... So here, a tribute to Suzie Quatro, a central figure to the puberty rites of my generation
Concerning the first version, I apologise 4 the video, but it was the only one that seems to feature the original recording in an acceptable sound quality:

The next one is from the mid 90ies (there are some others, but they have horrible synthesizer-arrangements), sound quality rather poor - as the looks of the chief male performer - and what does the drummer need that monstrous set up for? Nevertheless, Suzie proves to be a first class entertainer:

Finally, a playback version from a 2010 "Oldies Night". Michael Chapman forgets the words he has written and does not remember where he has placed the guitar solo back in the 70 ies, but Suzie (I guess, there is some botox in her face) shows, that she is a very professional performer

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