Monday, May 23, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 47: SONG # 75

Day 47: Songs about Drinking

In the broader category of " A song that describes you" here are some songs about drinking. Yes, I drink... The classic song about drinking habits is Mary Gauthier's "I drink", featuring the wonderful chorus: "Fish swim, birds fly, daddies yell, mamas cry, old men sit and think - I drink"

To me, "Whiskey in the Jar" seems to be a song about drinking, too, as it goes like "some take delight in fishing and bowling / others take delight in the carriage a-rolling / I take delight in the juice of the barley / courting pretty women in thge morning so early"; my favourite version of that ol' Irish tune is by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. The two have been members of "Old and in the Way" for a long time, and shortly before the passing away of Jerry they have done very fine bluegrass renderings of classic folk-tunes together, one among them "Whiskey in the Jar":

Seems, that songs about drinking are an American enterprise, mostly to be found in the country/bluegrass genre; Robert Earl Keen has contributed a song to sing along the chorus: Corpus Christi Bay: "If I could my life all over, it wouldn't matter anyway, 'cause I never could stay sober on the Corpus Christi Bay" (from: A Bigger Piece of Sky)

Finally (but I will come back to drinking songs) a clearly no-way-country-song about drinking (although I am sure that somebody could do a fine bluegrass version of that one). Jack Daniels (Bourbon, isn't it, no man in his sober senses would drink Bourbon, as long as there is one sip of Scotch left on the face of God's wide earth) mixed with Pepsi (this is what one can use Bourbon for...) results in Jack Pepsi.: TAD, with a clearly Seattle-grunge-style of song:

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