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1000 SONGS - DAY 78: SONG # 108

DAY 78: A Song You Would Like to Hear on the Radio

This is song #108; this number has a special meaning to me: when I was (defined by) a number, it was 108 (in the catholic private school I attended, all my things had to have this numberon them to make clear they were mine - f. e., my mother had to stitch the number into my clothes); furthermore it is an important number in so called "Eastern" religions, as there will be 108 names of deities or 108 defilements a.s.o. (you can search 4 details on your own). 801 is the name of a group of musicians and as a number, the inversion of 108. 801 Live is among my favourite albums. I first heard it on the radio. The rather short-lived band-project consisted of (former) members of Roxy Music (Phil Manzanera, Brian Eno), Curved Air (Francis Monkman), bassman Bill MacGormick, the wonderful Simon Phillips on drums and guitarist Lloyd Watson. Here is their stunning version of the Beatles' classic "Tomorrow Never Knows":

Now this is a song I have actually heard on the radio. Songs that I have never heard on the radio, but think that deserve some airplay, are f.e. "Mummy Was an Asteroid, Daddy was a Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil" by Quiet Sun, a band in which Phil Manzanera had played the guitar prior to his Roxy Music days, and that featured Bill MacGormick on bass (some of the material of Quiet Sun was used by 801). The video originally provided here used a short film by the czech experimental filmer Jan Švankmajer, but it has been deleted from YouTube for copyright infringement, so here is a the music without the movie:

To get more information on Quiet Sun, 801, Matching Mole and the like, I advise you to read that Interview with Bill MacGormick

Finally, a song I would like to hear on the radio would be a song by Camberwell Now, a band formed by drummer Charles Hayward after his former group This Heat had disbandend. Hayward had also been the drunmmer in Quiet Sun:

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