Saturday, July 16, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 89: SONG # 119

Day 89: A song from your childhood

I remember attending a gig by one of my fav bands, The Band of Susans, in Vienna's U4 club and after the gig I told them: "you have played Child of the Moon" and they were perplexed, telling me that they had thought that nobody would know the tune. Back in that days, the only record on which it ever had been featured, was (as the b-side of) the single "Jumping Jack Flash" from 1968. As I had been a great fan of the Stones during my primary school days, I had once owned that single, and if I remember it rightly , I had always prefered to listen to "Child of the Moon". Here it is (mono), no further explanations required:

In stereo (with the cover of the record I did own):

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