Sunday, July 17, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 90: SONG # 120

Day 90: Just another one of your favourite songs

The fourth round of "3o days song challenge" is finished, I have posted 120 "songs" in half a year, but practically, a load more tracks (be it that there was more than 1 song to one day, be it cover-versions or simply "bonus-tracks"). I will return to statistics when the sunny wheather makes place for more rainy days. This "fav song" came to my mind because of the burial of Otto v. Habsburg, which has been a very interesting ritual from the anthropologist' s point of view, as it featured a secondary interment of Otto's wife, a practice we find in many (f.e. some West-African) cultures (see, f. e., Henryk Zimon, Secondary Funerary Rites among the Konkomba of Northern Ghana. In: Religio. Revue pro religionistiku 2008). As I have written a scholarly essay comparing funeral rituals in various cultures and religions using the "refrain" of a song by "At the Drive-In", "Dancing on the Corpses Ashes" as its title, I could have posted that song, "Invalid Litter Department", a song about so called maquilladoras where young Mexican women work for low wages. Frequently some of them dissapear. Later, their corpses would be found. So it can be called a lemant about the mistreatment of that women and the neglect of governmental authorities to do anything against it. [My essay, with not so earnest a subject was printed in : B. Heller / F. Winter, Tod und Ritual. Interkulturelle Perspektiven zwischen Tradition und Moderne. Wien-Berlin 2007]. I decided to post a more cheerful song as one of my fav songs, and the allusion to the Habsburg-funeral is the name of the band. I think, no one ever has come as close to The Talking Head's "Stop Making Sense" movie in presenting music than Franz Ferdinand, although, at least in the introduction, they are that decisively British, in contradistinction to TH (although, one has to add, that David Byrne is of scottish descent):

another live-version, hopefully at least one of them will work in Germany:

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