Friday, July 29, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 94: SONG # 124

Day 94: Some sad songs, more or less

If it wasn't for Nick Cave, this here post would have been a tribute to Glitterhouse Records. There is a version of "Loom of the Land" by the Walkabouts on their beautiful album "Satisfied Mind". If I have understood it rightly, in Europe their records were distributed by Glitterhosue, who did some of the European imprints of Sub Pop. The original version is to be found on Henry's Dream by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds:

Here are the Walkabouts with their country version:

Other bands featured on Glittterhouse records are, f.e., the Norwegian Band Midnight Choir (remember them?) and Woven Hand (remember David Eugene Edwards?) I will start with the Mercy of Maria by Midnight Choir and go on with Woven Hand's Version of "Ain't No Sunshine":

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