Friday, December 24, 2010

1000 SONGS DAY 2, SONGS 4 TO 6

Day 04 – A song that makes you sad
There are a load of songs that make me sad, not surprisingly many among them written & performed by Leonard Cohen. “Famous Blue Raincoat” reminds me of someone, too. The only (than) girl I ever had a lock of hair from (kept it till very recently). She was a big fan of Leonard and I came to know that song through her. Here is a recent version by the great Leonard (which was put in here on 2016-11-18, after his death)

This is also song I know the lyrics to. I especially like the lines: “what can I tell you my brother my killer / what can I possibly say? / I guess that I miss you I guess I forgive you I#m glad that you stood in my way” and “thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes / I thought it was there for good / so I never tried”

Day 05 - A song that reminds you of someone

Had to find yet another song that reminds me of someone.In order that there will be not only sad songs here, I chose “The Last Time” (having some inclination to sadness, too, being about the end of a relationship) by The Rolling Stones. Reminds me of a guitar-player who was so sure that playing a song by Keith Richards would pose no problem to him. He (and in fact, we) did not succeed. I guess the clue is that Brian Jones – not a songwriter, but surely the best musician ever to have been a real member of the Stones, as opposed to studio musicians doing the job and guys like Nicky Hopkins – is playing the riff. He is also credited as the one to have chosen the band’s name from a song by Muddy Waters. So the song reminds me of Brian, too.

“River of Salt” (Irving Brown/Bernard Zackery/Jan Zackery) was my first choice for a song that makes me sad. I came to know it first by the cover done by Bryan Ferry on “These Foolish Things”, his first solo effort. It reminds me of becoming a teenager and hence of Mariazell, the village where I was raised, and especially of Christmas-time there, since this album was a present given to me at some Christmas in the Mid-Seventies. Here is a likewise beautiful version done by Ketty Lester (born Revoyda Frierson in the city of Hope, Arkansas), – the flip side of her 1962 single “You can’t lie to a liar”:

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