Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1000 SONGS DAY 5 - SONGS #11-13

Day 11 - A song from your favourite band

What is my favourite band? I may have had some in primary school, in secondary school, as a student, while listening to a song I like at the moment. To choose one's favourite band is equally impossible as to choose one's favourite song. And why: "band"? Why not singer, composer, musician? Having thought about that for a while, knowing that these are always affairs of the moment (something that has to change during the years, months, days) I solemnly declare that my favourite band of Dec. 28, 2010, consists of Ricky Nelson, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Walter Brennan, Dean Martin and John Wayne, performing Cindy, Cindy. The "fake trailer" to Rio Bravo - not my favourite movie, but one of my favourites, and one of the films of Howard Hawks [to the left with Lauren Bacall] I do like - the guy has uploaded to UTUBE is fine, methinks:

Day 12- A song from a band you hate

Two problems with that: a) why should I hate a band? I could like their music or not. If not, I do not have to listen to them (with the exception of public places like supermarkets and the like). So I would rather say, there are bands I do not like. B) That category seems to naturally lead to posting music I do not like (as some other categories of the 30-day-challenge do , too). Why should I do that? U2 is the first band that comes to my mind that I do not like, although I do think that some of their songs are worth listening to. I do not like the messianic attitude of Bono, I do not like the megalomaniac stadium-shows they do, I do not like the hype about "the greatest/best band ever" they share with bands like the Stones, while there are so many bands around that play the small clubs whose members are better musicians, that do have better song material and so on. And I am sure that Rock'n Roll (sometimes) can be wonderful, even cathartic, but it will definitely NOT save the world. One of the things I do like with respect to U2 is, that they have been CASHED. And once a song has been cashed, there is at least one version you can post. So here is Johnny Cash doing "ONE" without the pathetic pathos of Bono (I guess, there is still some hate in me):

Day 13 - A song that is a guilty pleasure

"Vermöge der Musik geniessen sich die Leidenschaften selbst" [Through music the passions enjoy themselves - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Jenseits von Gut und Böse §106].
A guilty pleasure - what could that possibly be? Hasn't psychoanalysis been invented to make an end to the combination of pleasure and guilt? Did Nietzsche not write books like "Beyond Good and Evil" in that vein? How could a piece of music symbolise that going together of opposed moods/feelings? Raised as a Catholic, a song mocking religion could be a guilty pleasure for me. Second possibility: a song about the really dark sides of life and humanity that I enjoy? In a way, a song that is a guilty pleasure should be cathartic. Like "I see a darkness" - after having done the 1000 songs there will be at least one song in eaxch of the 30 basic categories performed by Johnny Cash, I promise.

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