Friday, June 3, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 56 - SONG # 84

Day 56 - A song you would play at your funeral

I always have been thinking about my funeral as an event where people should dance, eat, drink and be merry (Ecclesiates 8, 15 in the KJV). When it comes to melancholic moods, that shoud have their place in a funerary rite (where all the emotions and moods of one single life would ideally be represented in some way), Nick Drake is my first choice, the wonderful English singer, songwriter and musician who died in 1974 of an overdose of some anti-depressant. First, I post three tracks from his first album, Five Leaves Left, "Day is done", "Way to Blue", and "River Man":


From his second album, Bryter Layter, I dig "Northern Sky", featuring John Cale on celeste, piano and organ, Dave Pegg on bass and Mike Kowalski on drums, wonderful, marvellous music watch it on UTube, since embedding has been deactivated for that one and the video I did embed originally, has been deleted from You Tube:

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