Saturday, June 4, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 58 - SONG # 86

Day 58: A Song that you can play on an instrument

Here are 6 songs that I can play on the drums; and if you don't believe me, I will prove it!! It has to be mentioned that I play most of these songs in a different way than they are played on the recordings featured here, due to the fact that a cover version is a cover version is a cover version.

Lets start with Deborah Ann Harry, a woman one has to like, one way or another:

Go on with one hit wonder "Deep Blue Something" and their one hit:

Slow down with Pink Floyds "Wish you were here":

Ok, not too much drumming required on that last one; we will stick to that tradition, with a jazz standard, Fever, two versions, first the original recording by Little Willie John, and after that, Ella's rendering (don't need to feature Madonna or Beyoncé here...):

Song # 5 on this blog entry is a song that Grace Slick has taken with her from The Great Society to Jefferson Airplane (and I came to know the JA version at a relatively young age), Somebody to Love:

Last song in this collection is Burning Down the House by Talking Heads:

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