Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 70: SONG #100

Day 70: song # 100

It is simply perfect: day 70 and song number 100, that means, on day 7oo, I will have reached song # 1000, this is even below 2 years to post 1000 songs - the problem is, that these are selected days and not real days... Anyway, song # 100 is a special occasion. I dedicate it to the memory of Cafe Cinema in Berlin Mitte, which has by now become a mere tourists' place. In 2003, I did my habilitation at Humboldt University, and after that I had one night to spend in Berlin. I went into CC, and asked the man at the only table with one seat free, whether this was a free seat. He said, of course. After some time, he asked me about me, myself and what I did; I explained. He said: wait, there is that woman doing her thesis on Nietzsche whom I will meet afterwards, because I have been proof-reading it (the thesis, not the girl). I waited, she came, I fell in love (with Cafe Cinema). At exactly that time, there was this strike on Austrian Railways, and I could decide to got to Passau or stay in Berlin. Not a hard one; one more week in Berlin! From that day on, whenever I was in Berlin, I met those bunch of people loosely arranged around that woman in CC. The last two times in Berlin, that had changed, they were not there, not even the most peripherous figure among them. But it was exactly at Cafe Cinema at Hackesche Markt that I did hear a song by Sivert Høyem, Norwegian singer, for the first time in my life. And it was that one, really do like it, Northwind:

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