Saturday, June 18, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 73: SONG # 103

Day 73: A Band You Would Engage for a Party

"One thing we dislike when people at a party sit" (Boo Ya Tribe, Psycho Funk). It is clear that one will engage a dance band for a party and not Diamanda Galas. To be a dance band does not mean that its members were not musicians (I have never understood people who think that REAL music should be boring...). If I could afford it, I would engage the Brave Combo, wonderful Band from Texas with a repertoire of their own songs and cover versions of many famous songs in various dance styles (mostly polka and latin rhythms). Look up the band's homepage to learn more about them and their youtube-channel to listen to their music. I have put together a nice collection of their versions of different songs, starting with Hokey Pokey:

They also have done a polka version of the Doors' "People are Strange":

Next will be cumbia version of "Mission Impossible":

We find many videos of live performances by Carl Finch's Brave Combo on UTube, some of them of rather poor quality, soundwise (but never with respect to music); here is a collection of dances:

Clarinet Polka:

Let's Twist with the brave Combo:


Sleigh Ride:

Vampire Twist:

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