Friday, June 24, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 75: SONG # 105

Day 75: A Song about Teenage Angst

This is by far the best song about Teenage Angst ever recorded, the second single of Pere Ubu from Cleveland, Ohio. It is loosely based on the Summertime Blues (at least the bass line on the Blue Cheer version). We know that there ain't no cure for the summertime blues, but the great David Thomas puts it as it is: "I don't need a cure, I need a final solution". I will become 52 this summer, and I am pretty much sure that there is no remnant of teenage angst to be found in my otherwise confused psyche. Nevertheless, the third part of the songs (from approx. 3:35 on) still sends shivers down my spine. I remember that my friend Bert once told me, when we were attending a Pere Ubu gig in Vienna, that it will be in a moment like that when we will die of a heart attack in our seventies. Hopefully, David Thomas keeps on performing for the next 20 years. Here is the final solution:

The girls won't touch me
Cos I've got a misdirection
Living at night isn't helping my complexion
The signs all saying it's a social infection
A little bit of fun's never been an insurrection

Mamma threw me out till I get some pants that fit
She just won't approve of my strange kind of wit
I get so excited, always gotta lose
Man that send me off
Let them take the cure

Don't need a cure
Need a final solution

Buy me a ticket to a sonic reduction
Guitars gonna sound like a nuclear destruction
Seems I'm a victim of natural selection
Meet me on the other side, another direction

Don't need a cure
Need a final solution

And, for the sake of completeness, the version of Summertime Blues by the "proto-heavy-metal" band Blue Cheer (we owned the single, back in the beginning of the seventies:

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