Monday, June 13, 2011

1000 SONGS - DAY 68: SONG # 96&97

DAY 68: A song that reminds me of a certain event, of somebody & somewhere

Since I frequently have put together more than 1 song under one of the "30-days song-challenge categories", or another category I have derived on my own, I take the freedom to choose a song that FITS into 3 categories at the same time. It reminds me of at least 2 persons, 2 events and one place. The first "event" is, that towards the end of the eighties, via the Flying Nun Label and, methinks, its collaboration with Rough Trade, a wave of so called alternative music from New Zealand swept over Europe. At roughly the same time, John Peel (person) did a midnight radio show in Austria (event #2; if I remember it correctly, once a month) that I have taped as often as I could. I first heard a track by Straitjacket Fits on that radio show, their wonderful cover-version of Leonard Cohen's "So Long Marianne".
I remember to have gone to a record store I forgot the name of but not the place where it had been located (somewhere: at the backside of the main university building in Vienna) and, among others, having listened to Straitjacket Fits' first album "Hail" and having bought it afterwards. Due to the strange kind of a system of memory I have, I remember, that Karl Bruckschwaiger (person #2), who had been working at that store during that time, told me, that a woman he knew who did not buy records frequently had decided to buy that one - this was his kind of an argument for the quality of the record. So the song also reminds me of Karl, a person I haven't met for a long time, and if so, only by chance.
There is one edited volume we have both written texts for: Michael Benedikt et. al. (Eds.): Verdrängter Humanismus, verzögerte Aufklärung, Band 5, Im Schatten der Totalitarismen. Vom philosophischen Empirismus zur kritischen Anthropologie. Philosophie in Österreich 1920—1951. Wien 2005. This seems to be (with the exception of facebook-"friendship") the only remaining link between his life and mine.
So here are Straitjacket Fits with the song composed by members of the band that I do like most, Dialing a Prayer, studio version and live version:

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